Due to my sound engineering skills and decent setup you get professionally recorded, edited, clean and normalized stems, which are ready for use in the mix.


I try to keep my prices reasonable while giving the top quality and making my turnaround as fast as possible.

The average price for one saxophone part (solos and/or fill-ins) up to 1.5 minutes = $75.

One short part up to 30 sec. which is already composed (scored or played with samples for the reference) = $1/second.

A saxophone solo and/or fill-ins up to 45 seconds = $50.

Composing&recording a “catchy” loop/hook/riff etc. up to 20 seconds ~ $35$60 (depending on the number of takes, stems, parts, etc.).

If you need the saxophone part above 1.5 minutes or/and more than one saxophone part (double-track,  ensemble, etc.), please, contact for the price.

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
You do not pay for the time, you pay for the result!

If after several you are still far from happy, we can cancel your order and you will get a full refund.

However, my job is usually accepted after 0-2 revisions.

My average turnaround time is 2-4 days.

Payment method

I use PayPal for my worldwide clients. However, if PayPal is unavailable in your country, we can discuss alternative options.

Payment terms

1. Direct 20/80 payment.

After having decided to book my services a client brings an advanced payment at a rate of 20% from the total order price. I send pre-mixed mp3 files to him or her during our workflow. After accepting my job the client pays the rest 80% and I deliver full-quality separate stem(s). If the client is not satisfied with the result I refund the deposit.

2. 100% payment through the third-party service (100% Guarantee).

This option is available for orders that cost no less than $20. I send a payment request to a client through the third-party online service (music production marketplace) and he or she pre-funds the entire job to the service. The payment is not released to me until the client marks the job as complete, therefore he or she fully controls if and when I receive the money.

Gdaliy, Saxophone on SoundBetter

Contact me

    Please send me a rough mix of your track in mp3 or a download link for large file transfers.
    If you need particular saxophone part(s) to be recorded, the score for alto saxophone (in Es) or reference track(s) are needed.
    If you want me to compose/improvise the saxophone part(s) for you, please, specify in what sections of your track you want to have the saxophone recorded. Please, describe your overall idea about the saxophone part as well as the style and the mood you are looking for as detailed as possible. The reference tracks that are close to the saxophone sound you are seeking are welcome.