Saxophone “acapella” samples

Here are the demos of my saxophone “acapella” recorded using the Neumann Km184 and the Electrovoice RE20 microphones simultaneously. The signal from Km184 is fed into the  WarmAudio WA12 MK II preamp (to make the sound from the small-diaphragm condenser thicker and warmer) and then to the line input of the Audient iD14 interface. And the signal from the RE20 is amplified with the built-in high-quality mic preamp of the iD14. The mics are placed as close as possible to each other, and the signals are phase-aligned, so they can be mixed without significant interference artifacts.

  1. Sax “Acapella” — Funk/Jazz/R&B — Neumann Km184 with WarmAudio WA12 MK II preamp.
  2. Sax “Acapella” — Funk/Jazz/R&B — Electrovoice RE20 with built-in Audient iD14 preamp.
  3. Sax “Acapella” — Funk/Jazz/R&B — Neumann Km184 with WarmAudio WA12 MK II preamp + Reverb.
  4. Sax “Acapella” — Funk/Jazz/R&B — Electrovoice RE20 with built-in Audient iD14 preamp + Reverb.

    Download full-quality samples (WAVE files, 24 bits/44.1 kHz)

Recordings with my participation

This is the demo of the saxophone recording which I made for the cover version of “Run for Cover” theme by Paul Weatherhead (aka PaWeaz). The tune had originally been composed by Marcus Miller for David Sanborn’s album “Voyeur” (1981).


The soulful house track “Believe In Love” (released in February 2021) produced, mixed and mastered by White Ocean(South Korea).
The saxophone part (including the melody) composed, performed and recorded by Gdaliy Garmiza (aka GdaliySax).


The song “Love Tears” from the “In This City” smooth-jazz/fusion album (released in 2019)  by Jeff Urbaner (“Urbanism”), composer and producer from Taiwan, who “forced” and inspired me to play the saxophone solo with some Japanese spirit in it:

In this funk song by Spencer Rabin I have made a kind of saxophone ensemble created with overdubbing and some single-voice fill-ins as well.

Here are two solos for the middle part and the outro of the rock ballad by Spencer Rabin called “I’ll Never See Your Face Again”.

This is the full version of the song:

In this disco/soulful house track produced by Chris Anderson I recorded the solo and some fill-ins. The saxophone part begins from 03:38.

Here is the eclectic progressive rock song by Dirk Radloff (Heartscore), where I recorded a post-bop jazz solo and some fill-ins for the whole track

And another more funky stuff by Dirk Radloff (Heartscore) with my part beginning from 01:43.

This is the song by the Finnish rock artist Matti Kärki, which is actually based on “Angelia” by Richard Marx. Here I play some filling lines and the solo (from 02:55) :

This is a song written by Tim Swisher, Bob Manzel and Scott Johnson for an upcoming CD-Reverie In The Thunder by Tim Swisher and the Cosmic Restoration Band. I have composed/arranged, performed and recorded all the horn (saxophone) parts here:

Here I recorded some saxophone filling melodies for the old school rock-n-roll style song by Leigh Harrison.

Here the producer gave me the reference for the drop of the house remix track played with samples and my task was to replace it with my real sax and double-track it.

Here is some older stuff, where I used totally different equipment (saxophone, mouthpiece, microphone, audio interface etc.).

I recorded saxophone solos, fill-ins and overdubbed ensemble parts for the whole alternative rock track by Beatnik Neon.

This is a demo of my sax for another cover version of jazz-fusion standard produced by Paul Weatherhead (aka PaWeaz).   The original theme had been written by Herbie Hancock.

And two really nice songs by Geir Solerød where I participated as a session saxophone player.